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About Movsteel

Founded in 2003, Movsteel started its activity in metalworking industry with the production of individual pieces and small series.

Initialy managed by four partners, with a renting space wich quickly became impractical due to the work volume.

In February 2008 work began on the new facilties, during this period Movsteel was reduced to just two of four partners.

After the completion of the new facilities the workload increased and consequently new employees were hired.

In order to overcome the crisis ocurred between 2008 and 2009, Movsteel had to intensify the search for new clientes and greatly reduce costs.

Despite all the complicated periods, Movsteel has managed to overcome and improve. Since January 1 of 2017, Movsteel has only one of the two remaining partners, this being the current managing partner. Integrating in all departments.

More recently, Movsteel had the need to acquire a small eletrostatic painting line, to meet demands imposed by clientes, as well as a CNC Cutting Equipment.

Currently, Movsteel is a supplier of severel refrence companies, ensuring the high quality standards imposed.



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Nelas Industrial Zone, Lot 52
3520-095 Nelas-Portugal


(+351) 232 944 964
(+351) 967 729 860
(+351) 927 532 003

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